Camera Navigation

Camera navigation is part of the Virtual Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery simulation suite that is designed to test the user’s ability to hold a steady image, maintain a horizontal axis, track instruments in motion smoothly and be spatially aware in the context of laparoscopic surgery. Kitware worked with the clinical collaborator, Dr. Steven Schwaitzberg (SUNY-Buffalo), in order to develop two scenarios that test these aspects of the skills. The video shows the scenarios being launched from a common graphical user interface built using QT library. Also shown in the video is a custom hardware interface built to track user’s angulation of the camera head for the simulator. The application is built using iMSTK.

Virtual Airway Skill Trainer (VAST)

Developed at CeMSIM-RPI, Virtual Airway Skill Trainer (VAST) provides a safe training environment for clinicians to learn the airway management techniques without risk to actual patients. It helps standardize the process of skill training and allows automatic quantification of performance. The virtual simulator is equipped with visual as well as haptic interfaces that provide an immersive environment that enables the users to touch, feel and manipulate virtual anatomies. Oculus Rift is used for fully immersive visual display to simulate operating room experience. (more info…)

Virtual Endoluminal Surgical Simulator (VESS)

Developed at CeMSIM (RPI), this project aims to design, develop and validate a Virtual Endoluminal Surgical Simulator (VESS) that can be used to train endoscopists in Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection (ESD). A virtual reality-based simulator with visual and haptic feedback for training in colorectal ESD is being developed with the aim to allow trainees to attain competence in a controlled environment with no risk to patients. In this work, researchers developed an application that promotes the endoscopists to perform and assess technical skills in ESD. Training tasks were built based on physics-based computational models of human anatomy with tumors within iMSTK. (more info…)

Virtual Osteotomy Trainer

Kitware in partnership with UNC Dental school developed a high-fidelity virtual reality (VR) osteotomy simulator to aid the acquisition of the psychomotor and visual perception skills necessary to perform Sagittal Split Osteotomy (SSO) surgery. Specifically, the trainer helps trainees acquire skills required for precise use of motorized saw used during osteotomies. Developed using iMSTK, the trainer allows full immersive VR using Oculus Rift headset while the haptic forces are reproduced using Geomagic Touch device. The trainer also presents a user interface built using QT that allows users to configure the simulation. (more info…)

Virtual Kidney Biopsy Trainer

Ultrasound (US)-guided renal biopsy is a critically important tool in the evaluation and management of non-malignant renal pathologies with diagnostic and prognostic significance. It requires a good biopsy technique and skill to safely and consistently obtain high yield biopsy samples for tissue analysis. This project aims to create a virtual trainer for ultrasound-guided renal biopsy by interfacing iMSTK with 3D Slicer. 3D Slicer was used to visualize an image sliced from a pre-acquired 3D ultrasound volume based on the location of the probe, with a realistic needle rendering. The simulation engine in iMSTK modeled the interaction between the needle and the virtual tissue to generate visual deformations on the tissue and tactile forces on the needle which are transmitted to the needle that the user holds. The trainer is currently being finalized and will be validated in the near future.